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Scott Mosier

Scott A Mosier (born March 5, 1971) is an American-Canadian film producer, editor, podcaster and actor best known for his work with director Kevin Smith, with whom he co-hosts the weekly podcast, Smodcast.

Early life
Mosier was born in Vancouver, Washington[1] and moved around as a child between British Columbia and Washington. He has dual Canadian and US citizenship, as his father was born in Saskatchewan, Canada. As a teenager he resided in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Mosier met Smith at the Vancouver Film School in Canada. Their first assignment, Mae Day: The Crumbling of a Documentary, was a student film documentary that fell apart in production. To salvage it, Smith and Mosier interviewed the crew about the demise of the very documentary that they had been attempting to produce. They also added a segment in which the two were shown in silhouette as they described their fictional thoughts.

Four months into the eight month program, Smith decided to drop out, but not before making a deal with Mosier: each would start writing a script of their own, and the one who finished last would help the other with his movie.

Other work
Mosier also served as an executive producer, editor as well as actor for Bryan Johnson's Vulgar, an Askew production. He had also served as a producer (along with Kevin Smith) on Drawing Flies, A Better Place and Clerks: The Animated Series; he served as a co-executive producer on Good Will Hunting and Big Helium Dog. He also appeared in cameos in Drawing Flies as the Crying Diaperman, in A Better Place as Larry and in Vulgar as Scotty. Mosier is also a co-host, along with Smith, of the SModcast podcast hosted by the Smith-owned SModcast.com.

In 2007, Salim Baba, a short documentary Scott produced, was nominated for an Academy Award. Filmmakers Tim Sternberg and Francisco Bello received the nomination (Mosier was unable to be nominated due to a limit of two nominees per short film).[2]

On SModcast 77[3] Scott announced he will not produce Kevin Smith's film Cop Out (2010), instead pursuing his directorial debut.

He has also stated (on SModcast 90[4]) that he has finished writing his first feature screenplay, and is currently trying to sell it. He's also created an animated series for Disney.

Scott Mosier on 8/10/11 stated on Twitter that he has written some episodes of the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on Disney. This was confirmed in a special "SModcast Extra" (attached to SModcast #204 and episode 5 of the Comic Book Men podcast "Secret Stash") in which he and Kevin Smith interview Joe Casey; Scott has written six scripts for the series.

Personal life
Mosier married girlfriend Alex Hilebronner on 1 September 2006. The couple met on the set of Jersey Girl.[8]

He was romantically involved with fellow producer Monica Hampton whom he worked with on the set of films such as Dogma and Vulgar.

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